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Hi, Welcome! Glad you stopped by!

I'm Via, short for Olivia.  I'm a Midwest native but have spent most of my post-college years exploring the rest of the world. I have preformed in nearly 40 states and over 20 counties, with a bucket list of new destinations growing every day. I love getting lost in a Sci-fi or Fantasy series. I never get tired of the beach. And if I could change one thing about my life, it would be my severe allergy to cheese- because sometimes I just want a normal pizza. 

What's Next

Via is thrilled to be sailing back to the Caribbean aboard Virgin's beautiful Valiant Lady to rejoin the cast of It's A ShipShow until Dec 2024.


But first, a quick trip to Washington to play Janelle Woods in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical


Okay, Can She


And Has She Ever Even Acted Before??

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